This website is for Hospitallers and Chatelaines of the Kingdom of Lochac.  Here you will discover a various resources pertaining to the recruitment and retention of new members to your group. This website is in the progress of being updated/upgraded, if you have anything you think will help build this website, please contact me.

As this website will be an on-going work, as new resources and information come to light and for this, I rely upon your contributions, please visit here regularly to catch up with any and all changes.

The role of Hospitaller is an important one, It can be as laid back or as hectic as you want to make it.  If we work together, we can promote and help the SCA grow.  It is your efforts, diligence and those members of your Group, that will help this great Kingdom grow in strength, depth and numbers.

Yours in Service

TH Baroness Josseline de la Cour