Chapter 1 – About the Hospitallers / Chatelaines Office

1. Purpose:  A Hospitaller (or chatelaine) is the Officer responsible for:

  • Recruiting new members
  • Acting as a central point for newcomers
  • Educating new members on the culture and traditions of the SCA, the Kingdom of Lochac and their local Group
  • Assisting newcomer to assimilate into the SCA and their local Group

Other Kingdoms sometimes refer to this office by the title of Castellan or gold Key.  Here in Lochac the Gold Key is usually a Deputy who is in charge of the Group’s loaner wardrobe and loaner feasting gear.  Every Group is encouraged to maintain a warranted Hospitaller / Chatelaine

2. Responsibilities:

  • Familiarise yourself with the SCA Organisational Handbook and the Lochac book of Laws
  • Where possible, be familiar with your Group’s customs
  • Where possible, learn as much as you can in regard to the History of your Group and Lochac
  • Always respond to newcomer’s inquiries
  • Supervise or assist with Demo’s
  • Devise methods of attracting Newcomers
  • Maintain Loaner Garb & Loaner Feasting Gear (if no Gold Key Deputy)
  • Attend Rowany Festival yearly or provide a proxy for the Chatelaines’ meeting
  • Report to the Kingdom Chatelaine

Barony  – 15th Feb, 15th May, 15th August, 15th Nov

Shire – 15th May, 15th August

College & Canton – 15th April, 15th Oct

3. Qualifications:

If you are reading this Handbook, you have probably agreed to be your group’s Chatelaine, or you are considering volunteering for the Office.  Either way, you’re probably thinking about how to go about being an effective Chatelaine.  There are many paths you can take to fulfil the duties and responsibilities of your Office.  However, there is some core knowledge and skills that a Chatelaine should possess and / or develop.  Knowing how to apply your knowledge and skills can make the difference between your being an adequate Chatelaine, or a highly effective, dynamic Officer who is truly an asset to your local Group, Kingdom and the SCA.  Below is a list that, if applied, should help you to successfully perform your duties and responsibilities.

4. Creative Use of Deputies:

Your are not required to have a Deputy for your Office.  However, there are some benefits to having a Deputy or two.  In our discussion of what an effective Chatelaine is,  we covered enthusiasm and recognising personal limitations.  As much as you would like to believe that you can . . . . . you can’t do everything!  With a bit of luck, you will belong to a Group which is full of people willing to help you on a regular basis.  Accept their offer for help!  Essentially a Deputy is the person you are training as your replacement.  In this regard your Deputy will be helping you with organising Demos for your local Group, helping with flyers, talking to newcomers, helping with newcomers at events, and many possibly act as the Gold Key in charge of the loaner wardrobe and loaner feasting gear.  There is nothing in the rule book that limits the number of Deputies you decide you need.

5. Office Heraldry:

The badge for the Lochac Chatelaine is as follows:  Vert, a key palewise and reversed, Or.


In layman’s terms, the badge is coloured green, whilst the key is gold, sitting perpendicular and facing right.  This badge may be printed on documents related to the performance of your Office, painted or appliqued on banners, baldrics, table-cloths, etc.  It is encouraged that the badge be used to mark any materials which your Group may designate as relating to the office of the Chatelaine.  Ensure that newcomers, as well as established members, are familiar with your badge and that this is the symbol to which they may turn for guidance and assistance at demos, events and meetings.