These pages contain links to video and print stories which have aired or been published about the SCA within the Kingdom of Lochac (comprising Australia and New Zealand).

If you have any media you wish to share, please contact the Kingdom Hospitaller.

Printed Articles


  • For Glory & Honor: Medieval Reenactors Go To Battle. Published 15th Jan 2015. Pennsic War
  • Canterbury Faire 2009 Teaser (mp4 39M)
  • Introduction to the SCA (VCD 16M) – to use download this zip file, extract the contents, open your favourite media player, then choose to the option that allows you to a open folder, your media player will take it from there.  If your media player doesn’t have the open folder option chose the open file option, navigate to where you have put the folder, open the mpegav folder and choose the AVSEQ01.DAT file, the media player will take it from there.)