Chapter 7 – Dealing with the Media

1. Quick SCA Introduction 

a)  The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international historical research and recreation group which, in 40 years of operating as a non-profit organisation, has gained some 100,000 members worldwide.

b) SCA members meet regularly to hold medieval or Renaissance-style tournaments, most commonly fighting in armour with sword and shield, as well as enjoying feasts, dancing and other events and activities that recreate “the pageantry and chivalry of the Middle Ages”.

c) Many historical recreation groups specialise in a particular time and place; the SCA covers 600 – 1600 Europe.  As part of this, members dress the part, so you may see Viking warriors rubbing shoulders with Italian knights, Elizabethan ladies embroidering next to Anglo-Saxon maidens.

d)  Members are drawn from a broad range of ages and occupations, and it is not uncommon for them to become recognised experts in their chosen SCA field of endeavour, earning academic credentials, acting as technical advisors to the film industry and becoming published authors.

e) There are groups in all states of Australia, (apart from the NT) the first having been established by Mistress Rowan Peregrine (after whom the Barony of Rowany Sydney, NSW, is named).  In all there are approximately 40 groups, including those in New Zealand. to find your nearest group.

f) A number of branches have been established in New Zealand over the past 20 years, including groups in Auckland (known as the Barony of Ildhafn), Hamilton (the Canton of Cluain), Wellington (the Shire of Darton) and Christchurch (the Barony of Southron Gaard).  The latter is the oldest of the New Zealand groups, having been founded in 1981.

g) These groups are part of the Kingdom of Lochac, which at present covers Australasia.  Local groups are typically governed by a Baron and / or Baroness as representatives of the ruling King and Queen, with a Seneschal handling day-to-day operations.  Media interviews are likely to be handled by one of these.

2. Contacting the SCA

Please contact the local Seneschal or Chatelaine as the first point of call to set up an interview or when intending to attend an event.  He / She is in charge of handling public inquiries and will be able to speak on behalf of the group or direct you to the designated media spokesperson.

Details regarding Group Seneschals can be found on the Lochac website at: (right hand list)

3.  Media Opportunities

Most of the local groups have an online event calendar which lists upcoming events, with contact details: some of these events occur weekly, some annually.  Check these out to see what opportunities are available.

To find a list of websites: (left hand list)

4. Public Event

e.g. a tourney in a public park …

Please feel free to attend if you hear about such an event.  If you haven’t made contact beforehand, ask for the Chatelaine when you get there.  They will be able to speak on behalf of the group or be able to introduce you to the designated media spokesperson who can provide an interview or organise photo / filming opportunities.

5. Non-PUBLIC Event

e.g. a feast in a hall or multi-day camping event

a)  Please contact the Chatelaine beforehand to organise your attendance, and to arrange timing and interviews.

b)  You will be requested to wear some form of pre-1600 clothing.  The Chatelaine can arrange to provide you and any attending crew with suitable temporary garb for your visit, and everyone will appreciate your willingness to honour this aspect of our organisation.

c)  You will need to arrange a suitable designated time slot for filming, photography, recording or interviewing, and / or to stay within a designated area if attending a large-scale event.  This will enable you to get the material you want without unduly impinging on other attendees or causing safety / privacy concerns.  The Chatelaine or designated media spokesperson will arrange this with you to best suit everyone’s needs