Requirements for the Position of Group Hospitaller / Chatelain

If you are interested in becoming an Hospitaller/Chatelaine for your Barony, Shire, Canton or College, please contact the the current Lochac Kingdom Hospitaller/Chatelaine, Adrienne Furet. There are certain requirements for holding the office, and importantly, keeping Royalty and the Kingdom Seneschal appraised of endeavours to promote the SCA within your local area.

In brief, a Group H/C is required to:

  • be a current, paid member of the SCA
  • be warranted (rostered) for a term of 2 years
  • send a report (4 per year for Baronies / 2 per year for Shires, Cantons, Colleges) to the Kingdom H/C Officer by the due date.  (Reports do not have to be long.) Report Due
  • be on the Hospitallers’ officers list, if you have email.  This will facilitate communication between Officers and Baronies.


It is recommended that the Group H/C:

  • encourage or organise demos and displays in your local area
  • get reports from demos and displays in your area – this makes life much easier when reporting
  • advertise for a successor 18 months after you take over – this gives you 6 months to find one
  • ask the Kingdom Hospitaller for help, if you need it!