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The Society is an amazing place, with heaps to do, and lots of fun to be had. But it can be pretty confusing sometimes when you are new; there seem to be so many customs and terms that you don’t know.

Fear not! These page contains links to information which should enlighten and entertain you. If you come across a resource that has been particularly helpful to you and you thing should be included on this page.

Where to find the SCA in Australia and New Zealand

The SCA has many different areas of interests.  Here are just a few to help you learn alittle bit more.

Looking for what is happening around the Kingdom of Lochac.

Click on the Calendar of upcoming activity in Lochac

Each group will also have their upcoming events.  You can find those details on each individual website.

 Here is a fun blog about going to an event for the first time.  A blog by The Amazing, Affordable Adventures of Mama, Bunny, and Pip.

The Society for Creative Anachronism: I went to an SCA event, it was as dorky as I thought it would be, and I LOVED it

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