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Types of SCA Events

The SCA holds many different types of events throughout the year.  On this page you will find articles and information about different types of SCA events you will encounter.  You will also find suggestions on what you will need to bring to an SCA event, what to do at and what to expect at an event, and how to find events throughout our Kingdom.

Planning your first event is exciting and scary at the same time. The best person to help you get ready for an event is your local/group Hospitaller. A Hospitaller helps newcomers find their way, guide and introduce newcomers to likeminded people.  You can also see who is going from your new group or bring a friend. Having someone to go with you can help make the event experience stress-free.  If you are not worried about the fields of new faces then by all means go by yourself and meet new friends.

Please remember SCA members are friendly and welcome newcomers, they are passionate and willing to share their love of the SCA. SCA events is a place to have fun, explore and learn about the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  So eat, be merry, interact and have fun.


War & camping event

Feast & tournament

Pot Luck event

Non garbed activity

What to expect at an SCA event – Barony of Rowany, Lochac – what to bring, guidance and types of events

Your first event – Barony of River Haven, Lochac – tourney language, what to bring and feasting kits

How to attend a Pot luck feast – Canton of Lightwood in the barony of Ynys Fawr, Lochac – what to bring, garb, food & drink