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SCA Jargon … here begins a reference to many different words and phrases used in the SCA, and their SCA meaning …


Anachronism – something out of its place in time.

Arms – heraldic device of a person who has received an Award of Arms or higher level award, or the heraldic device of a group.

Arts & Sciences (A&S) – the collective group of fine arts, crafts and sciences researched and practiced within the Society.

Award, Barony – a from of recognition given by the Baron / Baroness of a Barony, these awards to do not carry titles.

Award, Kingdom – a form of recognition given by the Crown and may give the recipient the right to certain titles.

Award of Arms (AoA) – the first level of rank-bearing award given by the Crown, which gives the recipient to the right to use the title of Lord / Lady.

Badge – a secondary heraldic device registered to a person, group or branch.

Banner – a decorative panel often representing the owner’s or group’s device and used as a wall hainging or hung from a pole.

Barron, Court – is a lord who has been given this title by the Crown.

Barron, Territorial – is a lord who has been chosen to serve as ceremonial head of a barony, either by himself or with a Baroness.

Baroness, Court – is a lady who has been given this title by the Crown.

Baroness, Territorial – is a lady who has been chosen to serve as ceremonial head of a barony, either by herself or with a Baron.

Barony – is a large independent group reporting to the Kingdom.  It has a Baron and Baroness and may have Cantons or Colleges reporting to it.

Calligraphy – decorative text as often seen in historical manuscripts.

Canton – is a small group which is part of and reports to a Barony.

Chatelaine – the officer responsible for welcoming and assisting newcomers to the Society.  Chatelaine is the feminie form of the word and Chatelain is the masculine. See Also Hospitaller.

Chirurgeon – the first aid officer.

Chronicler – the officer responsible for the group newsletter.

College – is a small group which is set up on a campus of a School, College or University.

Collegium – an event at which the focus is a variety of classes offered throught the day.  Also known as Schola or University.

Combat Archery – armoured combat for archers, you get to fire blunted arrows are heavy combatants.

Consort – the person being fought for in a tourney.

Coronation – the ceremony in which a King and Queen are formally declared rulers of the Kingdom.

Coronet – a headress, often of metal and/or jewels, worn to indicate a certain rank.

Corpora – the governing documents of the Society.

Count – a lord who has been King once.

Countess – a lady who has been Queen once.

Court – formal gathering in which the Crown (Kingdom) or Baron & Baroness (Barony) give awards, make announcements or proclamations.

Crown – a headress of metal and/or jewels work by King and Queen as a sign of their rank. Is also used to refer to the King and Queen jointly.

Crown Prince – the winner of crown tourney, and heir to the Crown of the Kingdom.

Crown Princess – the consort of the winner of crown tourney, and heir to the Crown of the Kingdom.

Crown Tournament – the tournament in which the heirs to the Kingdom are determined.

Device – the heraldic insignia of a person who does not have an Award of Arms.

Duchess – a lady who has been Queen two or more times.

Duke – a lord who has been King two or more times.

Earl Marshal – the Kingdom Marshal

Event – an official Society gathering at which a variety of activities take place

Excellency – used as Your Excellency, a form of address for a Baron, Baroness, Count, Countess, Viscount, Viscountess, or an Heir to a Principality

Favour – a token given to someone to indicate friendship, romatic involvement, membership in a group, or some other relationship

Fealty – a reciprocal oath pledged between two people in which each swears a form of loyalty and service to the other

Feast – a meal (most often dinner) served at an event comprising of two or more courses, each containing multiple dishes

Feast gear – your personal place setting and table linens for use at a feast

Fencing – the martial activity of rapier combat

Fighter – the martial activity of heavy combat

Garb – historic costume

Gentle – person

Grace – when used as Your Grace a form of address for a Duke or Duchess

Grant of Arms – second level or rank bearing award given by the Crown.  If not presented in conuunction with any other title bearing award, it gives the recipient the right to sue the title of The Honourable Lord / Lady and the from of address of Your Lordship / Ladyship

Guild – a group of people who have chosen to study a particular skill or are of interest.  Membership is open to anyone with an interest.  eg, cooks guild, embroiderers guild

Heavy List – a refers to SCA armoured combat, not fencing

Herald – is the person at an event who makes announcement.  The herald is also known as the voice of the King, when you hear a herald calling oyez, it is expected that all will quiet and listen to the announcement.

Herald, Group – the officer responsible for assisting with heraldic submissions within a group.

Herald, Kingdom – a Kingdom officer responsible for all things heraldic within the Kingdom.

Heraldic – of or having to do with heraldry.

Healdry – collection of arts pertaining to coats of arms, names and verbal proclamation.

Highness – when used as Your Highness is a form of address for a Crown Prince or Crown Princess.

Historian – the officer responsible for collating the history of a group.

HOLD! – The Warning Cry.  When you hear it, STOP, whatever you are doing and hold still until you can determine why it was called and/or until the dangerous situation is corrected.

Honourable Lady, The – title for a lady who has a Grant of Arms.

Honourable Lord, The – title for a lord who has a Grant of Arms.

Hospitaller – a gender neutral variant of Chatelain

Household – a group of people who have chosen to ally themselves together.  Households can be composed of people with similar personas, similar interest, or just a group of friends.  Membership criteria and methods of joining vary from household to household.  Households are not recognised as a formal group.

Illumination – decorative miniature artwork that accompanies text, as in historical manuscripts.

Investiture – the ceremony in which a Baron and/or Baroness are formally declared as heads of their Barony.

King – member of the pair that rules the Kingdom.

Kingdom -any of the is a very large collection of groups of all types including principalities.  It has a King and Queen

Principality – is a large collection of grops including baronies, Cantons, Shires and Colleges

Shire – is a small independent group which reports to the Kingdom

Steward – the personal responsible for organising and running an event